New Readings

ARG–December lores Hi all see this link to the pdf versions of the readings.

Reading for the Artist led Research Group

wk 1 Taken from Dark Matter,  Gregory Sholette

‘By grasping the politics of their own invisibility and marginalization, they (the artist) challenge the formation of normative artistic values…it is a matter of politics and a rethinking of history’. P4

‘Capitalism is not a totality – it is a text with multiplicities of interpretative possibilities that generate local conflicts of power and temporary moments of subjectivity.’ P15

wk 3 Activism and Cultural Activism – reading around protest, movements and alterity in the context of social and cultural change.

Moments of Excess: movements, protest and everyday life; The Free Association p11-21 (one chapter)

Crack Capitalism; John Holloway

P20 final paragraph – p26

A Postcapitalist Politics; JK Gibson-Graham

Intro The Makings of an Imaginary xxiii – xxxvii

Alternative Economic Spaces  (quick definition of alterity using alternative economic institutions)

Edited by Leyshon, Lee and Williams   p56-57.



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